Correcteur regard

Correcteur regard
Correcteur regard

Correcteur regard

15 ml
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Correcteur regard

Brightening anti-shadow and anti-wrinkle care.

Exceptionally light and easy to use product, containing innovative patented active ingredients for long-term treatment effect: matrikines to strengthen the dermis, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid to improve skin’s density and reduce dark circles; Albizia extract improves microcirculation and refreshes and brightens the area around the eyes. For an immediate effect Correcteur regard contains 4 types of encapsulated corrective pigments freed gradually upon application to conceal irregularities in texture and instantly mask dark circles. 
Additional red algae extract reduces puffiness and water retention; avocado oil and advanced moisture complex nourish, soften and hydrate the sensitive eye contour area. 

ZAMAC metal applicator tip from hypoallergenic metal alloy enable a gentle and effective “massage” of the are at the same time ensuring immediate intensive draining, decongestive effect and freshness! 

No added fragrance or synthetic colouring; dermatologically and ophtalmologically tested. Respects the tears' pH and is even suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Zamac applicator tip, a hypoallergenic nickel-free metal alloy. 

Recommended for all ages from 25 years, especially for very sensitive eye contours!
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Apply small quantities using the applicator around dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet. Using the applicator, lightly smooth the area underneath the eyes (moving outwards) and the temples. Dab and smooth any excess with the fingertips until it is absorbed.

Important: do not apply to the eyelids!
Encapsulated corrective pigments – conceals irregularities in texture and instantly helps to mask dark circles;
Soft focus powders – immediate brightening, concealing effect;
Avocado oil - nourishing and softening;
Advanced moisture complex (AMC) – blend of NMF components for instant skin moisturization;
Glycerine - maintains moisture in the corneous layer;
Trehalose - strengthens the cutaneous barrier;
High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate -  creates a water reservoir at the skin surface;
Matrikines – strengthen the dermis and reduce dark circles;
Chrysin / N-hydroxysuccinimide - facilitate the elminination of bilirubin and iron (which contribute to the dark colour of circles under the eyes);
Albizia extract – detoxify and enhance cellular energy;
Red algale extract (Palmaria Palmata) - reduce puffiness and water retention.
S.Mahler – Hi-Tech beauty!

Professional expertise in selective dermo-cosmetics is expressed through the perfect combination of 3 elements:
  • effectiveness of the products and treatments: visible results;
  • safety of use: dermatalogically and high skin sensitivity tested products;
  • cosmetic indulgence: scent, quality of the texture.
Simone MAHLER was inspired by the latest discoveries in dermatology and nutrition to develop Nutri-Minerale line. A line of nourishing and protective products,  rich in vitamins, omega 3+6+7+9, mineral salts and trace elements. To feel good «in one’s skin»!

Key points:

•Range with essential nutrients and trace elements originally from fruits and plants:

- Sea buckthorn - real fountain of youth for skin.                

- Pomegranate recognized and approved in food and cosmetics for its anti-oxidant properties.

• Actifs Eco-certified.

• Without parabens.

•  Products tested under dermatological supervision.


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