EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum

EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum
EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum
EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum

EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum

30 ml
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EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle regenerating serum

Regenerating serum to combat the wrinkles – posses a general rejuvenating effect because of its combined affect on cell renewal process, their longevity and metabolism due to EGF-epidermal growth factor). 

Positive influence on skin elasticity and pigmentation; the serum gives shine, oxygenate and smoothes out the complexion of the skin.

Recommended as protecting against photo-ageing. 

Dermatologically tested. Does not contain parabens. 
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Apply a small amount in the morning and/or evening on a thoroughly cleansed face and neck skin. Apply starting with the centre of the face going outwards, and on the neck - starting from the chin down.

In the morning apply under the EGF-Repairlift™ anti-wrinkle smoothing cream, in the evenings can be used alone or in combination with your night cream.
Matrikines – a cellular messenger which boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production;
Locust bean extract - stimulates the production of cellular growth factors, prolongs the life-span of cells;
Мyrtle extract - promotes cellular renewal, delays collagen degeneration, boosts the cells’ metabolism;
Siegesbeckia extract – reduces the heterogeneity of the chromophores hemoglobin and melanine, responsible for skin colour;
Rabdosia extract – reduces pigmentation;
RiboxylTM (Corn seed sugars) – restores the cells’ energy levels, boosts cellular respiration.
S.Mahler – Hi-Tech beauty!

Professional expertise in selective dermo-cosmetics is expressed through the perfect combination of 3 elements:
  • effectiveness of the products and treatments: visible results;
  • safety of use: dermatalogically and high skin sensitivity tested products;
  • cosmetic indulgence: scent, quality of the texture.

Leave the  wrinles to the experts!

Myrtle extract and matrikines for a smooth regenerated and visibly younger skin. When skin becomes less radiant and wrinkles start to appear, choose the appropriate product from EGF-Repairlift™ to help you reduce and prevent the effect of time. 

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