[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream

[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream
[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream
[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream

[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream

30 ml
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[ENERGY ENHANCER] Blood orange EE cream

Energy enhancing cream with vitalizing and anti-dull skin formula. An innovative texture transforms “magically” the face skin, providing it with natural freshness and relaxed feel.

A DETOX-complex (blood orange extract + tangerine essential oil), enriched with Vitamin C and polyphenols helps the skin to stand against external environment daily aggressions, protects and improves the texture’s quality. Added in the formula strengthening peptides and hydrating actives help sharpen the oval of the face, fight the signs of premature ageing and improve complexion.
Upon application of this cream the capsulas in its formula release the pigments thus easily matching every skin tone!

The EE cream also contains UVA+UVB organic filters, protecting the skin from negative effect of sun radiation.

The cream has an inimitable fragrance of jasmine, lemon, fresh green, amber, mask, pineapple and peach.
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Apply on its own or after your day cream (for dry or dehydrated skins) on a well cleansed skin.
Blend well to unify the complexion and if necessary reapply to perfectly match your skin tone.
DETOX complex: Blood Orange extract + Mandarin essential oil – anti-oxydant, anti-radical, detoxifying, stimulating of cell renewal, calming, relaxing, antiseptic;
C Vitamin derivative – antioxidant, anti-radical, stimulating of fibroblast;
Sunscreen (UVA+UVB, SPF 15) – protecting from UV;
Absorbing powder – mattifying, absorbing;
Lipopeptides – anti-flaccidity, increasing of resistance, stimulating of elastin production, absorbing;
Shea Polyphenols – antioxidant, anti-radical, smoothing.
Bernard Cassière – an alternative professional cosmetics brand from France that combines 100% efficiency and pleasure.

Original and unique ingredients of plant and marine origin, as well as raw natural ingredients.

If the skin looks tired and gray, wrinkles become visible - it's time to throw out the mirror or cleanse the body of toxins. Under normal conditions, the skin itself is able to control and regulate the flow of toxins. However, when toxins are in excess or the skin is tired, its natural cleansing function is impaired. By accumulating toxins, the skin loses its radiance and ages faster!
Toxins - "waste" that accumulates in the body as a result of exposure to negative environmental factors, bad habits, medications, stress and improper diet. Because of them, the processes of cell exchange slow down, the overall feeling of well-being worsens, the skin ages faster, and the complexion becomes gray and dull. Detoxification of the skin in cosmetology means cleaning it not only from dust, excess skin fat and dead cells, but also from toxic substances that prevent the proper functioning of cells.
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