Wrinkle-specific youth serum

Wrinkle-specific youth serum
Wrinkle-specific youth serum
Wrinkle-specific youth serum

Wrinkle-specific youth serum

30 ml
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This serum with its melting texture and soft focus powders helps visibly fill existing wrinkles, smooth the skin surface and limit signs of ageing.

Special exopolysaccharides fermented from Laminaria algae, that lives in Brittany in conditions requiring specific survival mechanisms, act as fillers to stimulate the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid.
In combination with the Cassia seeds extract — botanical equivalent of hyaluronic acid, fills the wrinkles and smoothes the skin from the inside. Also posses excellent de-pigmentation properties and prevent destruction of collagen caused by ultraviolet.
Another vital ingredient of this serum — hexapeptide — muscle relaxants for external use, non-injectable alternative to botulinum toxin. Weakening the muscle contractions prevent the appearance of expression lines, smoothing the existing.
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Apply morning and evening to the face and neck (1 use = 1 to 2 pumps). Follow with a suitable cream.
Depending on your beautician’s advice can be combined with other youth serums.
Exopolysaccharides of marine origin (EPS) – to fill the wrinkles;
Rice di- and tri-peptides – to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles;
Hexapeptide – to smooth and prevent the formation of mimic lines;
Botanical analogue of hyaluronic acid –to immediately smooth the micro relief.
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